Evolution would like to invite you to brand new cheerleading event – Evolution Cheer Battle! Internationally open competition in the centre of Europe! Save the date and be a part of this legendary event!

Where will the event take place?

Sports hall Jedenáctka at Prague 11!

When will the event take place?

17. 12. 2016

“What does Evolution mean to us? Making cheerleading better in Czech Republic!”

What else do we bring? New categories!

Categorie NOVICE

  • in each age division
  • for all the beginners that need to work on their psychological preparation, show their routine with no stress from the competition with higher skills and just enjoy their exhibition, get self confidence and move forward
  • for smaller teams where age limitation will not let all the members compete (age limit is flexible by 2 year up and down)


  • cheer up all the tumblers and be an example to others
  • have fun with common battle and show what we’ve got inside
  • make a record in number of back tucks (senior) and back hand springs (junior) that somebody could beat next year and move our possibilities forward
  • tumble together with group of people with fun and support from the crowd


  • feel the moment when we believe that there is power in unity
  • possibility to win for not only the best ones but also the ones with the biggest heart
  • common fight of some dozens of group stunts at one moment in one easy activity

At Evolution Cheer Battle you can also look forward to:

  • Competition with international competitors
  • World’s premier of JNS Pulse and their “No limit” exhibition


“We are looking forward to show what we always wanted but couldn’t because of the rule limitations. Did you think what we showed at competitions before was crazy? Than wait till you see us without rule limitations!”

  • Autographing of Czech Cheer Champions
  • Complete new vlog Czech Cheer Champions where you can play your part!

Czech Cheer Champions

“We are looking forward to our fans! Thanks to you we have fun taping new videos and thanks to you we are getting better!”