Evolution would like to invite you for sixth year of cheerleading event – Evolution Cheer Battle! Open international event in the heart of  Europe! Save the date and be a part of amazing fourth year of this legendary event!

You can look forward to cheer and dance divisions including small divisions!
So what are you waiting for? Don’t worry and come show us what you’ve got!

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You can look forward to traditional Mama Bar, raffle, awesome family atmosphere or beating the record in Acro and Cheer Battle divisions!

Rules can be downloaded here. Filled in registration form please send to info@evolutioncheer.eu.

Time schedule for 2023 will LATER be found here.

Where will the event take place?

Sports hall Jedenáctka at Prague 11!

When will the event take place?

28. 1. 2023

“What does Evolution mean to us? Making cheerleading better in Czech Republic!”

What else do we bring?


  • cheer up all the contestants and go by example to others
  • have fun with battle and show what is hidden in us
  • make a new record in number of tucks, so someone could beat it in the next year
  • tumble with great company and big support of the crowd


  • live the moment when you realize that in unity there is power 
  • chance of winning not just for the best but also for the ones with biggest heart and perseverance
  • commen fight of many groupstunts in one time in en easy activity